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Creative winter

Creative Winter 1

I have just returned from a week away to find the end of summer heralded in the apple tree, so laden with fruit that its branches are bowed to the ground under the weight, and the brambles that lace through the hazel hedge shot through with purple berries.

It is paradoxical to me that nature’s most fertile season is always my least creatively fruitful. Summer is when ideas are hard fought for and my natural inclination is to pause and be introspective; concepts that are more naturally associated with the darker, winter months.

I still find creative lulls challenging and, I confess, a little scary, but I have to trust that these ebbs and flows are all part of a larger cycle. By stepping back and allowing myself to disengage from any schedule, I will find the work that has the most resonance for me right now.

I cannot be alone in finding the summer months restorative yet not productive – perhaps this is a throwback to childhood and waiting for the start of September, but as the bite returns to the early mornings and the fruit ripens on the branch, I am mentally packing my new pencil case and preparing to get back to work.

Do you also find your creative winter falls in summer or does the sun energise you for projects in a way that the darker months fail to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts and I hope you find a perfect blackberry on your next walk.