Summer Collection: Salt Water Pendant


A handcrafted recycled silver pendant featuring the alchemical symbol for saltwater, made in Devon

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There is an alchemy when water and wilderness converge. A transformation that takes place in untamed waters.
This handcrafted necklace captures the connection, freedom, and strength we discover within us when we swim in the wild.

Featuring the alchemical symbol of saltwater, this beautiful recyled silver pendant is brought to life by the skilled hands of Devon artisan silversmith, Wild & Sapphire.

Product details:

Salt Water Necklace: Pendant – handmade from 100% recycled sterling silver wire. freehand engraved at the bench. 100% recycled sterling silver rope chain (18”). This piece weighs less than 7.78g and is therefore exempt from UK hallmarking requirements, find out more about hallmarking here.


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