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Seasonal Stories

The toxic power of positivity

If the only acceptable face of recovery is dignified, heroic and uplifting, what are you supposed to do when you feel angry, bitter and defeated?
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Do I believe that there is energy running through the earth, vibrating its way unnoticed through everything that connects to it? Absolutely.
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Apples in a trug

Abundant autumn: gather, feast and light

Ways to celebrate the autumn equinox: gather and feast, set the scene and light up the dark.
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A wild swimmer in a river pool

The subversive art of wild swimming

Community, healing, resilience or courage - what is it that draws us to swimming outdoors? Is it the simple yet subversive act of reclaiming the wild in a time when
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Wild garlic in a churchyard

Recipes for a Beltane feast

May day or Beltane marks the peak of spring abundance - a time of fertility, new beginnings, and growth. One of the best ways to celebrate this special time of
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Spring seeds

Embrace the Spring Equinox: Rituals to Connect with the Season

Try at home rituals that connect with the energy of renewal that the spring equinox brings.
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Bespoke Bird Feeder

Gifts for the women who raised us

As Mother's Day approaches, let's show some appreciation for the maternal figures in our lives with gifts that are handmade, thoughtful and sustainable.
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Winter dawn over Dartmoor

Winter motivation

How do you find the motivation to get outside in winter. Do you look for the light or embrace the darkness?
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Green resolutions for the New Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on positive changes we want to make to our lives. Embrace changes that will also have an impact
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a burning candle and glass of sloe gin

A winter solstice ritual

To harness the power of the longest night, I am delighted that Dartmoor author, Rebecca Beattie, has prepared a winter solstice ritual to share with you
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Autumn finds

Three things that I love this Autumn
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Sloes on a Blackthorn tree

Sloe Sundays

A sloe gin recipe to please even non-gin lovers that is super easy to make
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Creative winter

Why creativity takes a break over the summer months
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Dartmoor light

Dartmoor's light is drawn from a palette of granite and slate
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Spring in the kitchen

Keep the scent of Spring with three gorse flower recipes.
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Spring rituals

Three things that I have been using this Spring to gently cleanse and support my body and mind through the seasonal shift.
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That Winter / Spring thing

Tales from the end of winter
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