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Spring rituals

spring smudge stick

Spring is the season of renewal and there are rituals that you can savour at this time of year, those small acts that seem a perfect complement to the softening weather and quickening in the earth.

Here are three things that I have been using this Spring to gently cleanse and support my body and mind through the seasonal shift.

Cleansing Tea

I make my own tea blend of Marigold to aid digestion, Dandelion Herb to boost my immune system, Cleavers to support detoxing and Red Clover to regulate hormonal changes.

Drink a cup first thing in the morning after breakfast and give yourself brownie points for the rest of the day.

Please check with a medical professional if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a health condition before drinking any herbal tea.

spring essential oil blend

I have been massaging my toes with this Spring Root Drench from Coteswilde Apothecary. Made from warming coriander, grounding vetiver, cleansing carrot seed and balancing Roman chamomile it aids your body’s natural detoxification process by supporting a healthy energetic flow in the digestive system.

spring smudge stick

Whether or not you believe in the ancient purification ritual of smudging, there is a definite positive energy shift when you cleanse your home with a smudge stick. I enjoy the physical action of a metaphorical spring clean of energy, the equivalent of throwing a window wide open to let the Spring sunshine in. Just learn from my mistakes and don’t smudge under your smoke alarms.

This smudge stick is from Emily & The Plants.